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The series Ensaios Matemáticos is a publication of the Brazilian Mathematical Society (SBM). It is conceived as a vehicle for authoritative review and state-of-the-art papers and surveys of areas of Mathematics in vigorous development. It particularly encourages works written with a broad and varied readership in mind, offering an accessible overview of current topics in Mathematics and its applications.

Ensaios Matemáticos is distributed by SBM, with access to the electronic version being totally open. It is accessible at the site, and at the EMS Electronic Library of Mathematics

Most of the issues of Ensaios Matemáticos are dedicated to a specific subarea, but this is not mandatory. Typically, an issue is a collection of shorter articles or a volume with few long papers.

The series started in 1989 and was interrupted in the period 1993-2003. 

The volumes of Ensaios Matemáticos published between 1989 and 1993, for which there was not an electronic version, have been retro-digitized at the Digitization Center of the University of Göttingen under an agreement towards a worldwide Digital Mathematics Library (DML). The pdf for these volumes can be downloaded from this site. The volumes can also be accessed directly through the Digitization Center:

Access to the printed copies

Members of the Brazilian Mathematical Society have the option to receive the printed copies free of charge.  Otherwise, printed copies can be ordered,  by contacting SBM by email or mail. 

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